How much insurance cover should we have? What should we cover? When should we worry about it? My Daytona deal has brought this into full focus after stories such as a driver having a relatively minor shunt at the Speedway and after a few checks up in hospital was presented with a bill for $40,000! And he was not insured.

There may be those who can pay that out of petty cash but I guess most not. And it is not just us as the drivers we need to consider. What about wives, girlfriends, children, parents and wider family? If we have an uninsured problem it is likely they will all suffer in one way or another.

Melindi spoke to Justin Everitt at Moris Insurance who have come up with a great deal all drivers should have a look at. I am now covered, not just for Daytona but for all my 30 odd races this year from GTs to F5000 to the 1938 Maserati GP car I raced last year. Peace of mind is also worth a lot!!