I was very impressed with the changes I saw at Donington yesterday. The entry road is now tarmacked all the way in. With my trackday head on this makes a massive difference to our clients. Not having to worry about getting a low car into the circuit is great. It’s upped the appearance of the circuit hugely. I suspect it will have cost a significant amount of money but whatever it was, it’s really appreciated.

The Formula E facility is coming on. Whatever your views on the project it’s exciting to see a development like this and just goes to prove the strength of Motorsport Valley in attracting this type of project.

Also good to see all the Donington team again. We all got a very friendly welcome and that started at the security gate. Good to see. I came away really happy to see all the work that is being done. Add to this the development underway at Silverstone and it’s a period of strong progress for our UK circuits.