Calum Lockie


Commercial Marketing, Promotion and Motorsport Sponsorship Opportunities

Calum Lockie’s long established pedigree as a Racing Driver, Driver Tuition Coach and as a businessmen involved with Britain’s best track day company provides a dynamic environment for companies wishing to explore commercial partnership opportunities in Motorsport.

In current times, companies know that protecting existing client relationships is more relevant than ever.

Partnerships with Professional Racing Drivers in Motorsport can provide exciting opportunities to strengthen ties, generate valuable PR, and drive Social Media initiatives that can resonate real values with wider audiences.

There are opportunities to become involved in many different areas, so Calum’s team are always happy to discuss a program that helps you achieve specific objectives.

Here’s a snapshot of the activities that can be built into any commercial partnership and many of these initiatives can be tailored for single events:

  • Preferential VIP Hospitality
  • Branding, PR and Licencing Rights
  • Onsite Promotions
  • Footfall Initiatives
  • Website Traffic Generation
  • Social Media Activation for SEO Fulfilment
  • Content Marketing Initiatives for Web and Print
  • Competitions
  • Track Day Events with Preferential Services
  • Overseas VIP Travel and Associated Driving Events

If you'd like to learn more about partnering with Calum Lockie for raceday, trackday and offsite marketing opportunities, just give Melindi Scott a call on 01327 361361 or drop us a line from the Contact page.