Calum Lockie


From Bike and Sidecar racing to Le Mans with everything GT along the way

Early Career

Content Managed AltCalum Lockie has never taken the conventional motorsport route. Starting as the “monkey” in bike and sidecar racing with an early break to complete his engineering studies, he bypassed the usual karting motorsport ladder.

Early successes in single seaters soon led him to branch out and he's had a versatile career ever since.

The early days of Formula Vee, Formula Renault, Historic Touring Cars and Caterhams soon led him down the GT route and successes in a variety of marques and eras.

From winning the British GT Championship outright in the mighty 700 bhp Marcos Mantara to wins in Group C and Historic Grand Prix cars there remains very little he hasn’t won in.

A prolific endurance racer he’s competed in sixteen 24 hour races including Le Mans, Daytona and Nurburgring.

He’s won multiple championships including the BritCar/British Endurance Championship 4 times. He is the current overall BritCar Champion.


Calum Lockie - Racing Driver
A full programme of racing, trackdays, coaching and training makes 2015 look like one of my most exciting to date.

You can currently see Calum Lockie dovetailing racing the McConnal-Mason Gallery Ferrari 458 in the British Endurance Championship and a Maserati 6CM in selected historic events.






A few of Calum's vital stats!


Drove 1st ever diesel prototype at Le Mans 1 year before Audi’s debut






British GT Champion 2000, BritCar/British Endurance Championship 2003, 2006, 2011, 2014